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The O Studio Landscapes provides a number of landscape services oriented specifically to your project and lifestyle.  From simple annual plantings, to complex, multi-year implementations, we are able to take on a variety projects of differing scopes and sizes. 

    The most important step in any successful landscape project! The design provides the road map to your new landscape while keeping everyone on the same page.  

A licensed landscape architect will meet with you to discuss your project.  After assessing your needs and wants, a design fee proposal will be composed.  This document describes what will be included in your specific design with a range of hours and cost.  After an agreement has been made, we will measure your project and set up a base plan to scale.  A conceptual design is put to paper and another meeting is set.  After this meeting, tweeks and changes are made to produce a final landscape design.  This design will be the road map to your new landscape. 

See our Design Portfolio for more examples of our design work!

    The O Studio consistently attends landscape seminars to ensure your landscape not only looks incredible immediatly after installation, but continues to thrive throughout the years.  These seminars educate our crews about the latest trends in everything landscape.  From proper planting and watering techniques and from LED lighting to retaining walls and patios, you can be assured your plants will thrive and your hardscapes will stand the test of time.  Ask about our industry leading 2 YEAR planting warranty!

See our Landscape Portfolio for examples of our installed work!

    Keep your landscape looking it's best!  Simple maintenance practices can help your landscape through hot summers and snowy winters.  Mulch helps keep weeds out and moisture in, but too much can suffocate plant roots or promote "girdling" roots!  Selective pruning can improve the structure and general health of trees and shrubs, but "topping" creates a weak plant that can split from heavy snow loads or hefty winds.  

The O Studio utilizes best maintenance practices.
Call us to set up a yearly maintenance program specific to your needs.

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